Open Learning Course

Spiritual Psychology

Transformational open learning online courses in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology

Start date: February 2022. Length of study: 15 weeks. Tuition: £800.

The Spiritual Psychology open learning module takes as its central focus issues surrounding spirituality and spiritual practice in the modern world. Ancient as well as contemporary expressions of spirituality are examined through transpersonal and psychological lenses.

Students choose two specialist topics to explore as part of this module.

Open Learning students also have access to the same online learning environment, educational resources and social technologies as our postgraduate students and collaborate in the same learning communities, forums, webinars and group activities with our instructors – many of whom are leaders in the field of transpersonal psychology.

Contemporary Spirituality

Examine the phenomenon of spiritual awakening outside the context of spiritual or religious traditions.

Kabbalistic Psychology

Examine and evaluate psychological insights found within the corpus of kabbalistic texts.

Shamanistic Psychology

Explore Shamanism, one of the oldest spiritual traditions known to humankind and we examine its relevance to our contemporary world.

Transpersonal Ecopsychology

Explore how and why homo sapiens, in all our dimensions, are dependent on and participants in what we can today call the planetary and cosmic ecosystem.

The Shamanic Spirit in 21st Century Art, Culture and Technology

In this course we introduce the field of Technoetics that explores the combined evolution of art, technology and consciousness, starting with shamanic forms of creativity and ritual, and proceeding with telematic culture, and techno-noetic artworks and designs that expand our experience of the inner and outer Cosmos.

Psychedelics and Entheogens

Take a cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach, this course explores transpersonal and transformative qualities of the psychedelic experience, illuminating its meanings and implications for individuals and communities.

Transpersonal Dreaming

Draw upon scientifically grounded theories and empirical findings, as well as on historical and spiritual traditions involving transpersonal approaches to dreaming.

Accordion Content

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. Come and study purely for personal interest and enrichment … and get the same level access as our postgraduate students who will be studying alongside you!

Before the module begins you will be provided with a Module Outline which will list the reading materials, time-lines, and any activities required.

This module includes 2 specialist topic options courses with discussion forums, experiential activities and several live webinars. Additional live webinars introduce and close the module.

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