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Become a PhD student through The Alef Trust

We invite applications for doctoral studies from those with Master’s qualifications who wish to pursue advanced research in any of the transpersonal psychology topics in which we specialise. In general terms, we can support you in researching specific aspects of transpersonal psychology, consciousness, the psychology of spiritual practices, mystical perspectives in relation to the arts, health and wellbeing, issues around psychological growth and spirituality, and/or psychological aspects of transcendent states.

At the same time as delineating a specific focus for your doctoral study and research, we encourage you to think broadly and creatively about the kind of approach you would take. The approach could include positivistic scientific methodologies and/or transformative research strategies through which your research becomes a journey into the transpersonal. Additionally, we could support and guide you in doctoral work based around your own professional practice.

Doctoral awards are quality-assured and awarded by UK universities.
Current fees for the PhD Programme are £6,000 (GBP) per year

Please note: Alef Trust currently has no placements available for the PhD programme.

We anticipate availability for placements in the PhD programme late in 2020 or early 2021. If you expressed interest through our contact form we will notify you as soon as we resume accepting placements in the PhD programme. Thank you.

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