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Alef Trust is a global leader in transformative education and training in consciousness, transpersonal and spiritual psychology.

Enriching and transformative online learning

Master’s / PhD

Postgraduate programmes in the areas of consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.

Accredited by Liverpool John Moores University

Professional certifications

Created in response to the growing need to create opportunities for individual growth and community transformation.

Open learning

For those seeking to study for personal enrichment, self-development or supplementary career-learning in transpersonal psychology

"This is more than a course,
it's a transformation"

Alef Trust - Martie Underwood

“My journey with the Alef Trust continues to be one of stepping forward into growth, both personally and professionally.

The Masters programme provided me with a solid academic foundation and an opportunity to study with some of the most established and enlightened consciousness and transpersonal psychology experts in the world.

Applying this knowledge in my professional practice is truly transformative as I see how it benefits the clients I work with.

Throughout the Masters programme, the Alef Trust supported my learning journey, and my lecturers and supervisors were equally excited to explore the ideas I had.

Thats why, when the time came to progress onto my PhD, the choice was obvious.”

| Martie S. Underwood

Our alumni and student community are our most valued partners

At Alef Trust, we strive to cultivate a dynamic international learning community, in which mind, body and spirit are equally honoured.

In all our programmes we encourage personal and professional development through multiple ways of knowing, embracing creative, spiritual and somatic practices alongside intellectual study.

Our goal is not merely that you should acquire intellectual knowledge and excel in academic terms – important as that is.

In the spirit of the great spiritual traditions, we aim to support you on your journey, enabling you to integrate new knowledge and practices into your personal and professional life.

We are dedicated to nurturing deeper awareness, connection, authenticity, creativity and intuition – so that more and more people feel able to live their potential.

If you decide to join our community, we will co-create your learning journey with you. Blending academic study with spiritual practice and engagement in our community…  which is dedicated to research, learning, and the fostering of enriched states of being.

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